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Pakistan Energy Labels: Electric Fans

Pakistan Energy Labels: Electric Fans

A Step-By-Step Guide

Pakistan Energy Labels - Electric FansFor the Pakistani fan manufacturers and importers, the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) came up with a voluntary labeling scheme also called Pakistan Energy Labels (PEL) for energy efficient products and equipment. This scheme started recently and is valid for a period of 2 years after which its validity is either renewed or extended.  A cushion is provided to you, as manufacturers on withdrawing from the PEL scheme altogether provided a three months’ prior notice is given to NEECA along with a public notice. During the course of the scheme implementation, NEECA has the right to revise, amend or terminate the scheme altogether as and when required.

Under the conditions of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act, 2016, NEECA has the authority to evaluate, monitor and supervise the scheme implementation and effectiveness. For the purpose of evaluation, NEECA would require the following from the product manufacturers.

  1. Visibility on the impact on product sales,
  2. Energy consumption,
  3. Manufacturing and other associated Costs,
  4. Product consumer buying patterns,
  5. Manufacturing oversight,
  6. National energy consumption,
  7. Environmental assessment and benefits.

Application Submission & Processing Guide

Pakistan Energy Labels: Electric Fans

Prior to getting the “Pakistan Energy Label” (PEL), the local manufacturers or importers of appliances, equipment or products need to apply to NEECA for equipment registration. This article entails a step-by-step guide on how this can be achieved as per approved process flow.

The applicant can down the application from the NEECA website (neeca.gov.pk) under the “Energy Standards and Labeling Section”.

Complete and correct application along with “Label Registration License Fee” of Pakistani Rupees (PKR) 5,000/- (Rupees Five thousand) needs to be deposited in the form of a nonrefundable Payee Account Demand Draft in favor of “Energy Conservation Fund”.

The data required in the application includes answers to company information, product energy efficiency test results from an accredited and approved ISO/ IEC 17025 testing facility are essential for the application to be accepted. The applicant must ensure that the data provided in the application is accurate so that the information on the Label reflects the high quality standards.  

After the application is submitted to NEECA, it will be checked for completeness and then registered in the database for further processing.

A 15 working days processing time is required by NEECA for the complete evaluation and status confirmation of your application. In case the application does not meet the requirements, NEECA will provide the reasons of rejection to you for rectification. Afterwards if you apply the corrective actions to your previous application, you can submit the revised application to NEECA for a reassessment.

If the products or appliances whose energy efficiency parameters vary. Then the applicant needs to ensure that a new PEL application is submitted to NEECA for processing.

The term of the scheme is for two years after which the applicant would be required to submit a renewal fee of PKR 5000/-.

What are Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)

Minimum energy performance standards or short for MEPS are specifications containing several performance requirements or limits for any equipment which uses energy. These standards are there to define performance limits of the equipment, such as the energy consumed by a Fan for working 8 hours on a hot humid day. In most developed nations, MEPS are a mandatory requirement by a country internal energy efficiency body. These requirements are there to ensure that energy efficiency and conservation is properly maintained and boosting the country’s energy independence.

Pakistan Energy Label: Electric Fans Approval Requirements

To be able to participate in the PEL scheme as an applicant you must ensure that your specific fan(s) model obey and meet the requirements of “Pakistan Standard – PS:1/2010” (Performance and Construction of Electric Circulating Fans and Regulators).

In the PEL publication, NEECA has shared the reference energy performance limits and service values which will determine the star ratings of your AC electric fan(s). In the table below, the energy efficiency levels of AC electric fans have been divided into 3 levels or A 3 Star rating fan is the most energy efficient. Higher the energy efficiency, greater the stars.

It is very essential to understand that as a consumer you need to look for the fan with the best rating. That means that you will be saving your own electricity bills by an energy efficiency fan. Here are some considerations which you need to understand before you purchase a fan:

Fan Type      –         Depending on your requirement and consumption

Sweep Size –         Size of the Fan in terms of Blades measured in millimeters  

Fan Efficiency in Cubic meter per minute per watt – Energy Efficiency Set Limits based on your Requirement

MEPs Fans
Source: NEECA’s “Scheme Outline for Voluntary Pakistan Energy Labels for Electric Fans (Issue No. 06)”

NEECA’s technical evaluation committee will review and analyze the application along with the test reports of the fan model. Afterwards, depending performance limits or service values of the AC electric fan(s), a star rating will be allocated along with the overall approval of that particular fan model. This means that the particular fan model has been given the PEL sticker which can be applied on the fan itself.

Attaching the Pakistan Energy Label on your Fan

In this section, we will understand where the Pakistan Energy Label or the energy star rating will be attached. Note that once all approvals and permissions are given to your specific fan model. The star rating sticker will be attached on the enclosure of the fan-motor and printed on the packing. The idea is to ensure that the PEL later is clearly visible and identifiable by the end consumer.

As you look as the picture of a 3 Star Sticker, you will notice the size, dimensions and the sticker details. Using the appropriate and approved sticker and color code is very essential. These details can be read further in this link.  

Energy Star Rating - NEECA

Energy Star Rating - NEECA2

Source: NEECA’s “Scheme Outline for Voluntary Pakistan Energy Labels for Electric Fans (Issue No. 06)”

NEECA’s Security & Consumer Verification Scheme

NEECA also plans to add a digital security sticker near to the star rating labels by the manufacturers. The NEECA security sticker will have the QR Code and a digital identification feature. This feature will help the consumers with the verification and authentication of the star energy rating. Though these stickers will be shall be provided by NEECA, the applicant and the recipient of the star energy label will have to pay the security sticker charges of PKR 10/- (Rupees Ten) per sticker per product.

NEECA Security Sticker

Source: NEECA’s “Scheme Outline for Voluntary Pakistan Energy Labels for Electric Fans (Issue No. 06)”

Domains of the Fan Manufacturers and National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority

NEECA’s Responsibilities

NEECA has taken the responsibility to ensure that all information provided by the applicant will be kept confidential and will not be misused. NEECA also plans to set up an star rated equipment and products database which will be open for the consumers’ assurance. This information has been made available on the Authority website website. The authority will be responsible of collecting information, annual volume of products and/or imports regarding Efficiency standards and labels (ES&L), through best practices. These would include specific questionnaire or other methodologies, from manufacturers, importers, related associations. NEECA will also verify the effectiveness of introduction of ES&L framework and shall make the results public.

The authority will also be responsible to designate its resources in collaboration with Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) and carry out random audits to verify the compliance by the fan manufacturer or importer. NEECA has provided predefined checkpoints, which include the following:

  1. Pattern/design of label
  2. Validity of authorization of label users
  3. Label contents
  4. Manner of display of label
  5. Acceptable verification test at an ISO and IEC 17025 accredited lab (Frequency  of the Audits are decided by NEECA)

Fan Manufacturer/ Importer’s Responsibilities

As a fan manufacturer or importer, you need to guarantee that your product documents and data are correct and accurate. As the product manufacturer or supplier, once approved, you have the right to distribute a copy of the Pakistan Energy Label information poster or brochure on your catalogs and profiles. This will help the buyers and consumers decide which product is more energy efficient and approved.

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