Top 10 Goals of Pakistan's Renewable Energy Policy (2019)

What are the goals of Pakistan’s renewable energy policy (2019) and how they will effect the country? This article provides a basic understanding on how these goals are part and parcel of Pakistan’s draft energy policy (2019).

Pakistan’s renewable energy policy goals defines Pakistan’s stance and commitment in improving its national electricity mix. Some goals are short term while other are middle and long term. These goals determine how Pakistan intends to contribute to  renewable energy on a global scale. 

Pakistan is blessed with tremendous Renewable Energy (RE) potential (Solar, Wind, Hydro, etc.) which can be utilized for power generation to meet its energy needs.

To increase development of RE sector, the Government of Pakistan’s (GOP) Ministry to Energy (Power Division) in consultation with all relevant stakeholders developed a strategic policy implementation road-map in 2006.

Although a new draft of the Renewable Energy policy is being prepared, this article lists 10 important goals of which are part of Pakistan’s Renewable Energy Policy.

Dealing with the immediate threat of the ‘Global Warming’ worldwide, Pakistan too faces the brunt of this extreme phenomenon either via excessive rise in temperature and irregular weather patterns

As awareness regarding ‘Global Warming’  is rising throughout the media and online platforms; most nations are waking up to this impending threat and are switching to Renewable Energy (RE) by continuously making updated policies which facilitate their populace through cheaper and cleaner alternative.

In the last decade, Renewable Energies (REs) have seen significant growth in different parts of the world in terms of research and deployment (R&D), technological advancements and cost competitiveness.

Experience under Renewable Energy (RE) Policy 2006 coupled with international best practices provides the GOP basis for more comprehensive and updated framework which is now known as the Renewable Energy (RE) Policy 2019. This policy’s sole purpose is to create a favorable environment for the sustainable growth of RE Sector in Pakistan.

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
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10 Goals of Pakistan’s Renewable Energy Policy (2019)

Below, we will briefly discuss 10 important goals you need to know about Pakistan’s Renewable Energy (RE) policy 2019.


The policy needs to create harmony and should be focused to achieve sustained and systematic deployment and growth of renewable energy technologies (RET) through improved federal and provincial coordination.


The policy should improve strategic objectives of energy security, economic benefits, environmental protection, sustainable growth, social equity, and gender mainstreaming. 


Sustainable development of electrical power system which will be technically sound, financially viable and socioeconomically affordable.


Promote clean energy for power generation  and environmentally sustainable development.


The policy intends to improve energy security by including incentives and checks between national security and the availability of natural resources for energy consumption.


The renewable energy policy helps to increase a higher proportion of clean energy in the national energy mix and ensures complete access of electricity in all regions of the country.


Introduce and maintain investor-friendly benefits and incentives to encourage private sector participation and investment in renewable energy projects with a view, among others, to lower renewable energy costs and prices through competition.


Devise measures to support private sector in mobilizing financing and enabling public sector investment in the promotion and development of renewable energy projects.


The policy encourages employment of renewable energy technologies in off-grid and general households by displacing their dependence upon conventional with renewable energy sources.

Facilitate in the establishment of domestic renewable energy products manufacturing to lower costs, improve service, create employment and enhance local technical skills without in any way impeding or discouraging foreign investment or collaboration.

Assist in the institutional, technical and operational capacity building of all parties involved in the renewable energy sector, including development of prototype contractual framework and business models.


By giving special attention to the diverse energy needs of local communities, the Government of Pakistan intends to boost the livelihood of people living in underdeveloped areas through optimized renewable energy technologies.

Optimized solutions will help the people generate income through productive means thereby decreasing poverty and increasing the living standards.


We hope that the goals of the upcoming renewable energy policy (2019) are implemented in their true essence for the betterment of the people of Pakistan. 

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